2024 Kids Fest Registration:
Open Tuesday, July 9 to Monday, July 15!

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Join us at Kids Fest  2024!

Immanuel and First CRC churches are excited to host Kids Fest Sunday, August 4-Wednesday, August 7 for kids entering Preschool through entering 6th Grade. Children Entering Preschool and Kindergarden will have a special group with a mixture of activities planned for them to have a taste of everything Kids Fest has to offer. Children entering 1st-6th Grade can choose from many different activities to find an activity they will enjoy. Each day is accompanied by an opportunity to hear teaching from God's Word and a free meal for families before the event.

We will finish off our event with a block party for the WHOLE family on Wednesday evening.

Kids Fest Schedule

Meal Time
: 5:30-6:00 PM
Registration: 6:00-6:15 PM
Program and Activity Time: 6:15-8:00 PM
Pick up and Closing: 8:00-8:10 PM

Family Block Party:
6:00-8:00 PM
At Immanuel Church

Kids Fest activities

Acting Grades: 4-6

Join us to learn the basics of stage presence, play some fun improv games, and participate in a Bible-based skit on Tuesday!
Leader: Pastor Kevin Muyskens

Art Grades: 1-3

If you like doing arts & crafts, then come join us for lots of fun! We'll be making beautiful birdhouses, "cool" popsicle holders, and learning how to make interesting mosaic frames that you'll love!
Leader: Tami Schemper

Cooking Grades: 1-3

Join us to learn how to cook a few of your favorite things and learn how to cook using the microwave! Learn and taste homemade puppy chow, quesadillas, pizza boats, and more!
Leader: Sherri Bootsma

Dude Perfect Grades: 1-3

Get ready to channel your inner Dude Perfect with an epic trick shot and battle activity! This activity is all about creativity, precision, and a bit of friendly competition.
Leader: Brian Wieringa

Science Experiments Grades: 1-3

Join us for some slimy scientific studies of ooey gooey substances! We will learn how different substances react to each other by making slime, oobleck, bouncy balls, and more!
Leader: Katie Wieringa

Silly Summer Olympics Grades: 1-3

So you like the Summer Olympics? Do you like to do silly activities? If you do, then this is the place for you!! In this class we will be doing a variety of activities that sound like events at the Summer Olympics that will be held in Paris this summer. BUT I’ve put some silly twists to the activities so we can have lots of fun! Come join me for Silly Summer Olympics!!
Leader: Roz Geels

Soccer Grades: 1-3

Are you ready to take your soccer skills to the next level? Join us for nights of learning and fun! We can't wait to have you on our team!
Leader: Carter Wibben

Soccer Grades: 4-6

This section is working on fundamentals of dribbling, shooting and passing. There will also be scrimmaging with some great teachers!
Leader: Mariah Jansen

Volleyball Grades: 4-6

Work with our men’s volleyball expert here at Immanuel! Have fun working outside on the fundamentals of the game.
Leader: Cobi Jones

PreSchool & Kindergarten Section

Children Entering PreSchool and Kindergarten will have a special mixture of activities to give them a taste of everything Kids Fest has to offer. They will play games and do crafts  while they learn about God through the Skits and Devotions.