Pastor Kevin Muyskens, President

Dave Vande Brake, Vice President

Chuck Mulder, Clerk

Mart Peters, Worship Committee/Communion

Mark Dykstra, Mission Outreach Team

Jerry Postma, Fellowship Committee/Small Groups

Steve Holz, Youth Elder

Larry Meyers, Education Committee

Marion Baker, Prayer Ministry

Dan Jacobsma, President

Matt Hanenburg, Vice President

Greg Geels, Secretary

Ryan Freese, General Fund Treasurer

Mike Coulander, Building & Grounds

Shawn Wassenaar, CES Liaison

Ray Hernandez, Special Projects

Lorna Kraayenbrink, Household of Faith #1

Sherri Bootsma, Household of Faith #2

Rachel Jansen, Household of Faith #3

Starla Geels, Household of Faith #4

Roz Geels, Household of Faith #5

Teresa Hoekstra, Household of Faith #6