Six Habits


Worship, for the fully devoted disciple, is a response to God who has called us to reflect in awe upon who He is: Our Creator, Deliverer, and Sustainer, Worship may take various forms, but the purpose is always to bring God praise and to celebrate God’s abiding love for his people. Not only is worship an integral part of the Christian’s daily walk with God, it is also part of the corporate experience of God’s family.


Fully devoted disciples practice Paul’s admonition to pray without ceasing by conversing with God throughout each day: praising, thanking and adoring him, and interceding for others. Believing in the power of prayer, we set aside regular times of prayer in which we demonstrate our reliance on God for direction and guidance.


Fully devoted disciples seek to create an atmosphere of warm fellowship and unity within the congregation where they love brothers and sisters in Christ by meeting others’ needs with grace.  We intentionally devote time and resources to developing a few close Christian friends with whom we share our lives daily.


Fully devoted disciples believe that our spiritual growth never ends.  Being open to the Holy Spirit’s leading, we have a hunger for God’s Word and related Christian teaching that drives us to read, listen, discuss, and implement those teachings. Christ’s command to make disciples guides our ministry to both covenant children and unchurched neighbors.


Fully devoted disciples display generosity and joy in sacrificially giving as a response to God’s constant provision. They recognize that all material possessions belong to the Lord, so as stewards we practice the Biblical concept of tithing our first fruits. Further we “excel in the grace of giving”–freely sharing with neighbors in need.


Fully devoted disciples serve our neighbors in Christian love with the hope of seeing them come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. We serve in the church by owning the various ministries and supporting them to the best of our ability. Further, we passionately give ourselves to one or more ministries (within or outside the local church) in such a way that the goal of the ministry becomes a goal of one’s life for which we are willing to give joyfully, generously, & sacrificially of time, energy, and finances. We serve for the glory of God, the strengthening of the church, and the salvation of our neighbors.

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